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Lunch Time Music

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Ta Mbu as he is affectionately known by both community members and his fans is a social and friendly, people-loving somebody. He was born into a Sotho and Xhosa family and is a patriot at heart, values his family and people in general.

Mr Mokaka was raised by his older brother who played an instrumental role in his life at various times. Not only did he teach him independance but when he introduced him to piece jobs as a young lad – one of which was carpentry, his brother heightened his love for music; a space that was to shape his life in the times of radio later on.
He completed his highschooling career in Bulelani H.S which was based in Queenstown and admits that broadcasting was always a dream of his.
Such radio giants as  Zolani Bhonco who hosted the *Quiet Storm* at UWfm were one of his big early influences.
Ta Mbu loves the RnB genre in particular love songs. Among his favourite artists and their works are ; Aretha Franklin’s *Willing to forgive*, The O’Jays’ *Let me touch* and Marvin Gaye’s *Let’s get it on*. All these artists and more get airplay on his show the *Lunchtime music* to which he is a presenter alongside his Jazz slot on Sunday called  *Sunday Chillas*.
Mr Mokoka’s  hope through his show is that people hear the message in the songs he plays and receive their message.
As someone devoted to his country he believes that *in order for the country to successfully move forward – the law must be observed by government. Only then will the evils of xenophobia and Afrophobia come to an end and a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood prevail.

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